About Reviva


CEO Letter

Reviva medical center was built as a regional medical service center providing the most advanced and innovative stem cell-based treatments. The center offers a comprehensive service to patients visiting from across the Middle East and North Africa, combining the highest medical standards, world-renowned experts and cutting-edge technology. Reviva Medical center is located in Lebanon’s Middle East Institute of Health, which, as one of the country’s leading hospitals, provides even further scope to the services we offer.
The center aspires to become a leading institution in stem cells research. Accordingly, it has taken key steps towards becoming globally accredited in cord and tissue banking. In addition, the center is in partnership with the Lebanese University and is sponsoring innovative stem cells research. The various international affiliations and credentials of our medical team have led us to conduct clinical trials to establish new cures based on stem cell treatments.
As it grows, Reviva medical center is working towards providing patients in the region cell-based treatments without having to travel across the world. Stem cells hold great potential for the healthcare industry in the Middle East and across the world, and Reviva is striving to be the gateway through which patients in the region can receive the latest treatments.
Dr. Albert Azar
Chief Executive Officer

Reviva Overview

Reviva’s excellence is achieved through a leadership team which is driven by a commitment to deliver the highest standard of patient care. Our physicians are characterized not only by their excellent medical expertise but also their compassion and concern in offering advanced therapeutic applications and medical innovation. We have a scientific and technical team, which is made up of experts in the fields of biotechnology and stem cell technology, who are committed to the implementation of best practices. All the work carried out at Reviva’s center meets high ethical standards set by the Institutional Review Board.

Our mission
Our mission is to bring scientific innovation to patients seeking new hope in pioneering medicine therapy through cellular enhancement and medical excellence.

Our vision
We aim to be recognized as an all-in-one leading center in stem cell and regenerative medicine research and applications in the MENA region.

Our commitment
We promise to ensure cell-therapy-based applications in a safe and innovative way. We place the highest priority on practicing medicine in a way that constantly delivers the safest care possible to every patient.

Our values
*Patient’s safety
While efficacy of treatment is crucial, patient’s safety remains our top priority.
We are committed to always treat in an upfront honest manner, doing a fair and ethical job at all times.
We ensure the highest standards of patients care, education and research.
We ensure that the center is accountable for decisions made at all levels of its operations and is responsible to feedback performance.
We demonstrate fairness, honesty and sincerity in everything we do.

Reviva is an all-in-one facility, grouping multidisciplinary technologies in a CGMP(Current Good Manufacturing Practice) state of the art facility, providing excellence in three different axes of stem cells: Stem Cells Banking, Cell Therapy, Cosmetics and Reconstructive Medicine.
Professional collaboration between highly qualified medical and technical teams is ensured, in order to provide advanced technical applications in the stem cells units with a distinctive medical approach.
As an advanced banking facility located in Lebanon, the developed platform is established according to superior quality standards – from the collection to the preservation of the stem cells. By using the Umbilical cord banking services, in particular, parents can save more stem cells in order to ensure better medical outcomes.

  • We apply international American/European renowned accreditation standards in all the services we provide.
  • Reviva patient service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.