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Cosmetic and esthetic surgery is widely recognized as the best type of plastic surgery; however, they still involve invasive incisions and lengthy recovery periods.
Yet since the revolution in stem cell technology, these issues can be avoided. In fact, stem cells derived from a patient’s own fat tissue for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes can replace plastic surgery thus be a substitute for artificial products.

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How are stem cells used in cosmetics?

Today, you can use your own stem cells to revitalize or reshape your face and body into a more attractive and youthful figure in a safe and natural way. The use of adipose derived stem cells is widely regarded as one of the great medical breakthroughs of modern cosmetic medicine.

At Reviva center, owing to our advanced platform, it is now possible to extract and concentrate the desired autologous stem cells from your own fat tissue via liposuction. The processed stem cell sample is then ready to be injected into another part of your body to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate the desired area. This stem cell intervention introduces new cells into ageing or damaged tissue. These cells then take on the characteristics of tissue they are introduced to, and therefore begin to repair the tissue by replacing damaged cells.

Benefits of using fat tissues enriched with stem cells

  • No incision scars
  • No post-operative complications
  • Benefits from a two-in-one procedure: Liposuction and the use of the fat tissue for filling
  • Natural filling with no artificial or external material
  • Efficacy of the procedure that has long-lasting graft survival and regeneration of adipose tissue
  • A very safe procedure with no air contamination, and identification of the nature of the graft
  • Continuous quality control and evaluation of the identity of the graft, with stem cell counting, cell viability, cell identity and infection prevention.

Cosmetics applications

  • Stem Cell Lift
  • Strech Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Hair
  • Black Eyes
  • Face Filler
  • Breast Filler
  • Wound Headling
  • Burns