Cells lose 40% of the total number of cells after 6-9 hours of collection 

  • Regulations on carrying biological matters might be a barrier in the safe arrival of stem cells
  • Delays on the airport and the holdup on receiving and processing the sample might affect the quality of cells
  • Altitude disturbs the quality of stem cells
  • When needed for transplantation, stem cells will be available immediately
  • Reviva is local, yet it has many international affiliations and its  services are according to international standards

Private cord bank is a restricted area where no one is entitled to have access to, except for the authorized parents who signed the contract. 

Cord blood is for the baby himself, his relatives and his matching donors 

Studies have shown that after 25 years of storage the cells have 100% the same quality as for the first year of storage 

  • Reviva has no exclusivity to any hospital; cord blood collection can be done in any hospital
  • Reviva is accessible to everyone
  • An agreement and consent form are signed between Reviva and the parents that guarantee the long term storage according to the contract term
  • Reviva’s facility is used by the hospital staff and the Lebanese university for research. So Reviva won’t go out of business unless the hospital goes out of business
  • Liquid nitrogen tanks operate at a very low temperature of -196 Celsius with a narrow neck. So this temperature can be maintained up to one week if any corruptions occur
  • If power supply is corrupted, a UPS, control system and generator are adopted as cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.
  • Being in the middle east institute of health,  is a big advantage to adopt the same environment as the operating room in any hospital
  • Collection of the cord blood is not affected by the delivery mode
  • Blood is taken from the Placenta

Stem cells collected at birth are the youngest” adult stem cells” which have many advantages over the stem cells collected during adulthood:

  • They have greater ability to divide and proliferate
  • They are less expressive immunologically which lower the likelihood of an immune reaction and increase the probability of HLA matching

The umbilical cord blood has many advantages compared to the other sources:

  • Umbilical cord stem cells are highly accessible compared to bone marrow due to its ease of collection and safety procurement
  • Umbilical cord stem cells are known by their high cells quality
  • With the umbilical cord, HLA mismatch is better tolerated and the incidence and severity of acute GVHD ( graft versus host disease) is highly reduced

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