International Patient Center

Reviva is prepared and qualified to coordinate health care services for international patients. We take great pride in making your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. International patient care begins before your arrival at Reviva and lasts throughout your stay.

Our International Patient Center will assist patients with administrative details such as appointment setting, transportation, lodging and financial arrangements. The center also provides language interpretation services in Arabic, English and French.

Before your visit, we can:

  • Assign you a personal Patient Service Coordinator who assists you with your appointment scheduling.
  • Schedule medical appointments.
  • Arrange Travel, Transportation and Lodging.

The International Patient Center will assist every international patient with the necessary travel and lodging requirements in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Ticket Arrangement

Our center can arrange for your ticket reservation through our partner travel agents.

Transportation/Airport Pickup

Upon your request, our center can arrange for your transportation from the Rafic Hariri International Airport to and from your lodging location. If your medical condition requires immediate transportation to the hospital, ambulance services can also be provided to transport you to the Middle East Institute of Health, where Reviva is located.


Reviva benefits from special rates from nearby hotels. Our center will be pleased to help you with the lodging arrangement and reservations.Estimate cost of healthcare and assist with financial arrangements.
Once your visit schedule is confirmed, you will receive confirmation detailing your appointments and the respective estimated cost of your medical therapy. The International Patient Center will guide you through the details on payment modalities upon your request.
Our dedication to international health care and international patient care helps solidify Reviva as one the best regenerative medicine centers in the MENA region.