Using skin to save the heart

Following a heart attack or other heart trauma, the heart is unable to replace its dead cells. Patients are often left with little option other than heart transplants, which are rarely available, or more recently cell therapies that transplant heart cells into the patient’s heart. In far too many cases, however, the transplanted heart cells […]

Squeezing cells into stem cells

EPFL scientists have developed a new method that turns cells into stem cells by “squeezing” them. The method paves the way for large-scale production of stem cells for medical purposes. Stem cells are now at the cutting edge of modern medicine. They can transform into a cells of different organs, offering new ways to treat […]

Lab-created sperm breeds healthy mice, raising hopes for end to male infertility

Scientists hail landmark achievement, but warn that artificial human sperm is a distant prospect fraught with concerns over safety, ethics and legality. A handful of healthy mice made from sperm cells created in the lab have been hailed as a milestone in research that could ultimately provide new treatments for male infertility. Scientists in China […]

Clarifying the mechanism for making blood cells

In 1917, Florence Sabin, the first female member of the US National Academy of Sciences, discovered hemangioblasts, the common precursor cells for blood cells and blood vessel endothelia. Her discovery faced a great deal of critical opinions, but by the end of the 20th century, those opinions were overcome, and the existence of hemangioblasts had […]

Broken UV light leads to key heart muscle cell discovery

For a team of Vanderbilt investigators trying to generate heart muscle cells from stem cells, a piece of broken equipment turned out to be a good thing. The faulty equipment pushed the researchers to try a different approach. They recently reported their new method — using a “Matrigel mattress” to rapidly generate cardiac cells suitable […]