FDA Approves New Clinical Trial Using Stem Cells to Treat Non-Healing Wounds

FUTURISTIC HEALING Using stem cells to heal wounds is not a new concept, but up until recently testing has been largely experimental. Stem cells have been tested for skin tissue engineering and wound healing, regenerative wound healing, and at Samford Health as a treatment for shoulder injuries.  The FDA has approved the institution’s second-ever adipose-derived stem cell clinical trial which […]

Maui EMT’s stem cell donation saves Australia woman’s life

Wailuku emergency medical technician Wayne Segundo often wonders what life is like for the 39-year-old cancer patient in Australia who received a donation of his stem cells. Segundo has never met her, and he’s not sure when he will, but he already considers her family. “I would love to hear her story and call her […]

Adipose-derived stem cell clinical trial focuses on non-healing leg wounds

Sanford Health is launching its second adipose-derived stem cell clinical trial – this one to focus on non-healing leg wounds. The trial, which opened in September with expanded criteria, is a phase 1 trial to study the safety and efficacy of using adipose-derived stem cell therapy as a treatment for non-healing leg ulcers. It’s open […]

‘Super exciting’ results in stem cell therapy trial

Four out of six paralyzed patients who had 10 million stem cells transplanted into their spinal cords have shown striking improvement a year after treatment, including increased ability to move their hands and arms and to perform basic functions like feeding and bathing themselves, according to research results being released Monday. All six patients in […]

Dentists Get Cracking on the Stem Cell Front

Stem cells. Few research discoveries hold as much promise of single-handedly expanding medical treatment options as they do. Miraculously able to act as transformers—either re-creating or morphing into a variety of cell types found within the organisms they originate from—stem cells offer humanity hope for new, more effective therapies against a number of chronic and […]