Stem cells from muscle could address diabetes-related circulation problems

Stem cells taken from muscle tissue could promote better blood flow in patients with diabetes who develop peripheral artery disease, a painful complication that can require surgery or lead to amputation. A new study in mice at the University of Illinois found that an injection of the stem cells prompted new blood vessels to grow, […]

Stem cells pave the way for new treatment of diabetes

415 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes. And the number continues to rise. Common to all diabetes patients is that they lack the ability to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, which regulates the blood sugar in the body. This can lead to a number of complications and in many cases be potentially fatal. […]

Stem cells may help heal diabetic foot wounds

Diabetic patients participating in a national stem-cell study through Animas Foot and Ankle saw lingering and painful wounds on their feet finally heal. Dr. Nicholas Hugentobler, a podiatrist, enrolled 13 patients in a national study through the company Celgene. The trial is testing the effectiveness of injections made with stem cells from placentas that helped […]

Can stem cell exosome therapy reduce fatal heart disease in diabetes?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Macrophage cells routinely remove dead or dying cells to maintain the body homeostasis. Such removal becomes crucial after serious injury, especially the repair of dead heart muscle after a heart attack. University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have preliminary data, with cultured cells or diabetic hearts, that diabetes impairs this removal of […]

CardioBrief: Cardiac Stem Cell Therapies May Get Boost From New FDA

Cardiac stem cell therapy could gain FDA approval far earlier than most people expect, despite the fact that these therapies have consistently failed to produce any convincing evidence of safety and efficacy. Under the old FDA rules stem cell therapies would not have stood a chance of approval. Companies would have been required to demonstrate […]