Professional Standards

Patient Safety

Patient safety

At Reviva, patient care is our priority. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of patient-centered care, quality and safety, partnered with excellent service and compassionate care by our staff. We are committed to exceeding our patients’ expectations by continually measuring and improving our outcomes, in compliance with evidence-based processes known to enhance the quality of care.

We understand at Reviva that technical excellence is only part of the picture. Our approach to patient care encompasses our commitment to deliver the right kind of treatment, keep patients safe, provide impartial care, and listen carefully to patients in order to enhance the experience of every patient. This approach supports the overall mission to provide high quality care and to continuously improve the performance and operational processes delivered at Reviva.


  • Cosmetics Unit
    • Fat Processing
    • Cosmetics Clinic
  • Therapy Unit
    • Bone Marrow & Peripheral Blood Processing
    • Recovery Room
    • Therapy Clinic
  • Banking Unit
    • Umbilical Cord Blood & Tissue Processing
    • Storage Facility
  • General Platform
    • Cell Separation
    • Cell Purification
    • Cell Culture
    • Immunology
    • Quality Control

Why trust us?

The quality control program is carried out throughout the whole stem cell processing procedure; this is ensured in the developed platform and meets international standards. The quality program includes testing the stem cell sample which is collected, processed, stored and injected. A microbial assessment is carried out, along with a cell count, markers expression, and a monitoring to processing time and its specific conditions.

We are located in a highly recognized hospital in Lebanon: the Middle East Institute of Health, in Bsalim. This allows Reviva to benefit from the hospital’s level of safety and quality of services throughout the treatment process.

Reviva is working under the regulations set by the ministry of health.

During construction,  the regulations were locally managed by APAVE to ensure the compliance of our equipment, installations and processes with the highest level of quality and patient safety standards.

The Reviva Institutional Review Board has been charged with monitoring, reviewing and approving the protocols with the aim of protecting the rights and welfare of patients. It is an independent entity made up of professionals from medical and non-medical fields.

We encourage collaborations with universities, hospital institutions, research labs and technology companies that are actively involved in the research and utilization of stem cells. As such, international connections have been initiated with academic laboratories and professional platforms and in the USA and Europe.

We have signed a co-operation agreement with the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Medicine for Development of Research and Application, in order to exchange knowledge on clinical and research levels.

EDST: (Ecole Doctorale des Sciences et de Technologie)