Reviva Competencies


Being in Lebanon, REVIVA makes sure to store the cells locally to preserve the
highest percentage of cells viability.

Proximity accessibility

  • Since Reviva center is located in Lebanon it offers parents an easy access to the center in order to visit the processing facility as well as the banking area where samples are cryopreserved for more than 25 years
  • Whenever needed, stem cells can be directly thawed and used for transplantation without transportation barriers

All in one center

  • Reviva center is a Bio bank, it adopts storage of stem cells from different sources
  • Reviva center offers stem cell therapy, bone marrow transplant and umbilical cord banking in an all in one facility

High Standard Facility & Safety

  • Reviva center imports high-tech equipments for a CGMP (Current good manufacturing practice) facility
  • Reviva center offers a continuous training to keep its highly professional team up-to-date

Quality Viability

  • Reviva center offers the storage of the cells locally enhancing the preservation of the highest number of cells and maximizing the cells viability
  • Annual audit by L’APAVE to make sure Reviva is working under international standards (FACT and JACIE)

Security of Storage

  • Reviva center implements a controlled access to the laboratory and a monitoring system in the center